Her undersuit is now two shades of tan and has more detailed texturing. After bidding each other farewell, Hera allowed Kanan to depart for the mission to ambush an Imperial convoy carrying Alrich. Using the Ghost's signature modulation, Kanan piloted the ship past the Imperial blockade on Lothal and managed to evade several pursuing TIE fighters. Earlier, Sabine and Rex had visited the base's northern perimeter to respond to the disappearance of Lieutenant Dicer, who had vanished after planting a sensor beacon. Star Wars Squadrons puts the focus on space battles and the story will feature an array of characters from the series, like Hera from Rebels. [61], At dawn, Cham arrived aboard the Ghost outside the Syndulla household. [67], Hera then informed Ezra that the strike team would be leaving as soon as they have loaded up. [15] While Hera was angry with Chopper for allowing himself to be distracted during a raid on a fuel depot, she was mollified after Chopper and his new-found friend AP-5 helped find the rebellion the site for a new base on the planet Atollon. During this meeting in a small, crowded room, Hera began to form an informal rebel consisting of herself, Kanan, Skelly, and Zaluna; the latter decided to join after learning that she had been dismissed by the Empire from her job at Transcept Media due to her friendship with Hetto. Knowing her father better, however, Hera warned Kanan not to fully trust him. Upon arriving in the system, Hera and her fellow rebels discovered a YT-2400 light freighter being attacked by TIE fighters. When Zeb said that they would be fine, Hera replied that she used to believe that. When Kanan contacted Hera to confide his mistrust of the clones, Hera counseled him to remember that not all Clones were bad and reiterated that they had saved millions of lives including her own. When Chopper coveted a droid leg on sale nearby, Hera reminded him that they were not on Horizon Base to shop and that they had an urgent mission. The rebels then watched as Mon Mothma delivered a speech in the Ghost's cockpit outlining why she had resigned from the Imperial Senate and announcing the formation of an Alliance to Restore the Republic. During the debate, Hera was told by Mothma that Empire had initiated Protocol 13, an Imperial code that resulted in the immediate evacuation of all Imperial personnel of an occupied planet. Soon after they arrived, Ketsu arrived and crashed her own speeder bike, causing it to explode. With the ship down, Hera and the Rebels went aboard but when their only way to Kanan was sealed up, Hera, along with Zeb and Sabine went a separate way while Ezra took a short cut through the ventilation shafts. Commander Sato commended the Spectres for rescuing Saw and obtaining a deflector core. She gave them strict orders not to land the ship and to avoid contact with hostiles. While Hera, Chopper, and Rex stayed aboard the ship, the other rebels ventured into the complex. Following a brief skirmish with the sentry droids, the rebels and their confederates managed to flee back with the Ghost. However, Hera listened to AP-5's warnings and managed to stop Chopper from downloading the Ghost's hyperspace logs. Unfortunately, the group soon had to deal with the arrival of an Imperial Star Destroyer, which sent a force of All Terrain Armored Transports down to the planet's surface while Hera put the Ghost in low power mode to avoid detection. Before Kanan and Ezra left for Malachor, she spoke with her lover. A grief-stricken Hera and her fellow rebels then fled back to the rebel base on their gunship. On this occasion Hera joined the crew in the field, both she and Ezra having taken a shine to Trayvis' bold protests of the Empire's crimes. [86], During the Liberation of Lothal, Hera showed leadership and resolve. [29], While they were loading the supplies onto the Phantom, Hera and Sabine were attacked by a pack of fyrnocks, deadly silicon-based lifeforms that had driven the Republic personnel from the asteroid base. Even in that moment, she can't undo that accent. However, the seemingly unguarded landing platform turned into a strap, with several Stormtroopers appearing under the command of the Sith Apprentice Darth Vader, whom the Rebels barely managed to escape. As a result, the Twi'lek Resistance led by her father Cham launched a resistance struggle against the Empire. After some difficulty, Hera managed to land the Ghost with the help of Ketsu's starship Shadow Caster. While Hera, Zeb, and Sabine traveled down to the planet in the Phantom, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper traveled on the Ghost to rendezvous with a supply ship in preparation for a second attempt to break the Imperial blockade of Ibaar. However, Rukh captured her before she could join Chopper and Mattin in the sewer. Once Kanan and Ezra had entered the Ghost, Hera asked Ezra how the Phantom was faring. When they awoke, they found themselves in an unknown region of space. However they were ambushed by the Imperials and Hera had to retreat with TIE Fighters opening fire on her ship. Hera then departed on the Ghost and was joined by Kanan, who had returned from his meeting with the enigmatic Force-wielder known as the Bendu. After reuniting with their comrades in Lothal's wilderness, Hera helped Jai and his mother to hide from the Empire.[28]. Star Wars Rebels Costuming 101: Hera Syndulla Dave Filoni. The crew of the Ghost later found themselves in an awkward position-and Hera in a temper-after Zeb lost a game of Sabacc to the smooth-talking Lando Calrissian in which he bet Chopper. Kanan wished he could see Hera, but Hera assured him that he could always see her. Despite resistance from Imperial forces led by Rukh and the death of Gregor, the rebels succeeded in achieving their objectives and managed to restart the Dome's shield generators; shielding Capital City from Thrawn's second orbital wave. [36], Later, Ezra and Zeb revealed to Hera and Sabine that the TIE fighter they had stolen had not been destroyed but was in fact hidden. [69], In her absence, Zeb and his droid companions neutralized the Imperial E-XD-series infiltrator droid EXD-9, who had infiltrated Chopper Base. Cham Syndulla was revealed t… Full Name Hera Syndulla Home World Ryloth Affiliation Ghost Crew,Lothal Rebels,Rebel Alliance Species Twi'lek Family Members Following their successful mission, Commander Sato credited Quarrie's Blade Wing starfighter with breaking the Imperial blockade and informed the rebels that Senator Organa was willing to manufacture more B-wings in secret. She was then stunned by Governor Pryce and taken prisoner. As Lando successfully played her crew members off one another to his own ends, Hera caught on to his trickery and put the con-man in his place. To perpetuate the ruse that Leia was a loyal Imperial citizen, the rebels pretended to kidnap her and Kanan and Ezra, the latter wearing Imperial uniforms. Chava also discussed an ancient Lasat prophecy which stated that Lira San would only be found if the "child" saved both the "warrior" and the "fool." [87], Hera's love of flying was evident in her skill as a pilot, Besides being an able and effective leader, Hera was also an exceptionally skilled pilot. [47], As the Ghost approached Wild Space, Hera was forced to pull the ship out of hyperspace when its sensors picked up a new obstacle: an imploded star cluster that blocked their path to Lira San. Realizing that they needed local assistance, Hera contacted her father Cham, with whom she had not spoken with for years. After Ezra and Chopper returned on Maul's starship Nightbrother, Hera along with Kanan and Zeb met the two wayward rebels. Skelly was captured by Kanan who handed him over to Moonglow Polychemical. Hera's romantic feelings for Kanan led them to share a passionate embrace while on an undercover mission on Lothal. [11], During a celebration of the new ships, they prepared to scatter the fleet to keep it safe. [68], The Spectres and Saw put aside their differences to rebel a Jumptrooper boarding party that had been dispatched by Captain Brunson's Arquitens-class command cruiser. Hera and her crew became caught up in a shootout between the rebels and Azmorigan. After stealing an Imperial Freighter, Hera and the Rebels journeyed to Mustafar, where the Imperials had Kanan. In response, Quarrie replied that he would not hand over his ship to any pilot and then asked Hera why she had risked her life to come to Shantipole. She later likened it to "someone from Tennessee or Texas, or something like that, when they get into an argument with their father, all of a sudden, they're a Southern belle. The pair would receive aid from a most unlikely source: Agent Kallus, who revealed himself as the new Fulcrum, being one of several agents to use the codename originated by Ahsoka. [51], Piloting the Ghost, Hera and her crew managed to scare off the krykna and rescue Sabine. As the Ewoks began to fire the guns, the TIEs began to subside and were eventually destroyed by the Ewoks. Ezra then suggested that the purrgil were ignorant of the damage they were causing. A Shield generator rigged up by Sabine enabled Chopper Base to survive an orbital bombardment, and Hera was relieved when Kanan proved to be alive despite being caught outside the shield. Hera and her father Cham had a strained relationship after she left Ryloth. After her mother died, Cham had neglected his daughter in order to commit his life to the rebellion. Fearful of the purrgil herd, Hera wanted to fire on the space creatures but Kanan managed to talk her out of it. However, they were pursued by stormtroopers. Hera and Ezra were led by Captain Slavin to the Ghost. Hera was angry at Cham for neglecting her while Cham was upset with his daughter for devoting more attention to Chopper, whom he labeled a "second-rate junk pile." Imperials 1. Syndulla tried to help Minister Tua, but she was killed in a shuttle explosion. In response, Ezra retorted that he was not responsible for Terba's death and stormed off. But I think that's how much she loves him and yearns to connect with him, that she even lets that guard down to speak in their shared accent. However, Wolffe, who believed the rebels were a threat, sent a coded transmission to the Empire. Despite the risks involved in breaching the fortified Imperial prison, the rebels decided to rescue the imprisoned Jedi so that she could assist Ezra's Jedi training. [76], After dropping off Sabine, Chopper, and Ezra on the relay, Hera was informed that an Imperial light cruiser had arrived. Upon arriving, they discovered that the explosion had claimed the lives of all the miners including Okadiah, who died in Kanan's arms while Hera while watched. Angered by the Imperials' actions-particularly their manipulation of her droid companion-Hera took advantage of their connection to send a power surge through Chopper that ended up destroying the Controller's ship. Aboard the Ghost, Hera exchanged pleasantries with Saw. Kanan remained behind so as to enable the escape of the others, and they were left with no choice but to leave him when they were attacked by Imperial Patrol Transports. Due to AP-5 and Chopper's actions, the rebel fleet was able to escape the trap at the Yost system and reached Atollon. Hera reluctantly relented and assigned the mission to Ezra and Chopper. The pair subsequently departed in the Phantom, which returned with an unexpected pilot-Hondo Ohnaka-and a cargo of generators, which the pirate had obtained from Vizago only to be brought to the Ghost by the Phantom's autopilot. Ezra replied that she should ask Chopper, who had been flying the ship. After they successfully completed the mission-though not without a number of hiccups-Hera greeted them and their unlikely new ally Ketsu Onyo, an old acquaintance of Sabine's. Hera was impressed with what Kanan told her about Ezra and suspected that he maybe force-sensitive. The rebel freighter managed to shoot down several TIE fighters before breaching Vidian's flagship Forager. [113], In the LEGO Star Wars Rebels Movie Shorts, Hera, Kanan, and Zeb were drinking in the Mos Eisley Cantina when Ezra called for a rescue. When Zeb pleaded not to be left behind, Hera reassured him that Chopper and the inventory droid AP-5 would keep him company. The cruisers began scrambling their starfighters, but realized the hanger doors were not opening. Captain Brunson attempted to bury them alive by collapsing the air shaft on top of them. There, Hera was able to disable the Chimaera's sensor array, disable Skerris's TIE/D Defender and force him to crash into Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.[81]. Hera was not intimidated by the Chiss Grand Admiral and responded that they would not surrender. Hera respected Mothma for her outspoken criticism of the Empire and her long-term strategic vision for the rebellion. After returning to Chopper Base, Commander Sato thanked Hera and her crew for rescuing his nephew. [89], Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, General Syndulla was stationed on the Lucrehulk-class Battleship Lucrehulk Prime which was being used as a flight school by the Rebel Alliance. [23], Following their escape from the Imperial trap, Hera successfully convinced her rebel comrades to rescue Ezra from the Star Destroyer. If Hera Syndulla, the Ghost’s pilot and last-standing of the titular Rebels, does appear on-screen, then she’s absolutely going to die. Having come on a civilian shuttle, the group decided to commandeer an Imperial shuttle and steal several Shield generators while they were at it. The rebels managed to steal the fuel but were pursued by Imperial stormtroopers. Hera attempted to tell Sabine to not do anything she would regret, but she accepted Ketsu's apology instead; however, she was still going to have to put the speeder back together with her, to which Hera told them that she had tools for them. While Ezra was unable to repair the navicomputer, Tseebo succeeded in eliminating the problem by transmitting hyperspace coordinates directly to the Ghost's computer. Despite their differences with Skelly, Kanan, Hera, and the establishment's owner Okadiah hid Skelly in a closet. Ezra then tried to apologize for getting the Phantom destroyed but Hera told him to explain later. Shortly later, they were greeted and welcomed by Quarrie, who invited Hera to test his prototype Blade Wing starfighter. She and Zeb then left to escort a new supply convoy to Teralov. There was not enough time for Quarrie and the rebels to address the ship's problem. Escape into hyperspace was rendered impossible when the Imperials deployed an Interdictor vessel. Shortly after arriving back at the fleet, the Phoenix rebels were attacked by a lone TIE Advanced x1 starfighter piloted by Darth Vader, the Sith Lord they had encountered on Lothal. Hera was willing to let go of the past if it meant furthering the rebel cause. There, they rendezvoused with Chopper, who had traveled there disguised as an Imperial droid. Despite losing the Kalikori to Thrawn, Hera came to realize that her crew and her father were her family and more important than old heirlooms. Hera ordered Ezra to evacuate the cargo ship. Bendu even hurled lightning at the Ghost and struck one of the A-wing fighters. After Zeb locked Ezra out of his cabin, Hera told the teenager about the role that these weapons had played in the destruction of his species. She then described it as a vulnerable chunk of her walking around separate from her body where she can't protect it and that it's hurt then it's because of something that she has said or done. Luckily for Hera, Kanan and Ezra used the Force to do the same to Galus, which gave Hera the edge she needed to win. [54], Hera and Sabine wait to steal an Imperial shuttle, Hera and Sabine were sent to an Imperial facility in order to obtain medical supplies for the Rebellion. Unable to return to Lothal at present, the Ghost crew found themselves a part of Phoenix Squadron, for better or worse. Shortly later, the rebels were attacked by the Imperial fleet. After paying Lando back for his trickery, the crew were forced to contend with a group of TIE Fighters, but managed to return to Lothal's home on Lothal only to be forced to deal with Azmorigan yet again. In response to the Imperial ground assault, Hera approved General Dodonna and Rex's plan to ambush Imperial forces along the canyon leading to Chopper Base. When Thrawn noted that one of the symbols on the Kalikori represented a deceased loved one, Hera responded that Thrawn was unworthy of holding it. Hera then demanded that the defeated crime lord leave, a demand that he acquiesced to. While attempting to flee, they discovered that the Phantom's fuel tank was faulty. Hera and Kanan exchanging fire with stormtroopers on Nixus. Lando subtly informed Hera of his plan without actually giving her instructions. The two reluctantly went to Hera, but she would only give him the rations if Solo admitted that the Ghost was a better ship than the Millennium Falcon, which he admitted to. Marshall, who is fluent in French, responded she would, but the topic did not come up again, presumably as it was decided it would be hard for viewers to understand. In an attempt to break Hera's resolve, Thrawn brought her family's Kalikori, which he had taken from her on Ryloth a year earlier. During the fighting, Azmorigan took Zeb hostage and threatened to kill the Lasat if they did not hand Lando over to him. [16], While Quarrie was making repairs to the Phantom, Hera took the opportunity to ask Quarrie why he was unable to transmit the plans for his ship to Rex. [21], While Hera had paid the gang's leader Charko fifty Credits and promised another fifty after the diversion, Charko then demanded another hundred credits. [21], After watching material from the hoverbus surveillance cab, Hera and her fellow rebels discovered that Vidian had come up with a new plan to destroy Cynda in order to gain direct access to its thorilide. It demonstrates a kind of vulnerability that goes straight to the core of who she is. In response, Governor Delian Mors dispatched a flight of V-wing starfighters to pursue the rogue freighter. In response, Hera instructed the astromech droid to mask their signal by only using one-way visual communication. While Erskin was unable to discuss their cargo, the rebels allowed Hera's crew to refuel their Y-wing starfighters. Hera tried to leave but Thrawn ordered the stormtroopers including a disguised Ezra to bring her to his office for questioning. [17], After the dogfight, Hera and Sabine realized that the purrgil were traveling towards the same asteroid gas refinery they were heading to. Having accomplished their mission, Hera and her crew returned to the known galaxy via the safe route which Zeb had discovered through the maelstrom. Before jumping, Hera shot the controls so the stormtroopers couldn't attack them after they cut through to the cockpit. However, Sabine was not fooled and persisted with her questioning. [72], Chopper opened the cargo bay doors whilst the others are present, Hera and the other crew headed to the engine room to confront Chopper but were trapped inside the cargo bay. The two rebel cells also managed to destroy an Imperial light cruiser by throwing a rigged TIE bomber into its path, causing it to explode. [34], The Spectres' activities eventually attracted the attention of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, who decided to implement a final solution to the rebel problem there. Vizago fled without paying the crew of the Ghost. The others took cover and Aphra demanded that Posla use his weapons to save them but he refused, saying the prototypes had done nothing wrong. Hera then deliberately crash-landed the bomber to convince the Imperials that the damage was real.[15]. Following an altercation between AP-5 and Chopper, Hera joked that nobody messed with her droid. Dissatisfied with Hera's response, Sabine insisted on accompanying her on their next supply run to Fort Anaxes, an abandoned asteroid base used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. In hyperspace, Hera and her crew met with Mon Mothma and her staff. [43], Disguised as stormtroopers, Kanan and Rex managed to infiltrate the Imperial Interdictor and rescue Ezra, Sato, and his men. She knew how to use her natural charm and beauty to her advantage when necessary, as seen when she manipulated the gangster Azmorigan in order to escape his ship. Hera assigned the former Imperial cadet Sabine on an undercover mission to rescue these cadets. [74], Hera managed to lobby the rebel leader Mon Mothma into allowing Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper leave to aid Sabine and Clan Wren's efforts to rescue Alrich Wren, Sabine's father and the head of Clan Wren who had been imprisoned by the Imperial proxy Governor Tiber Saxon. [68], Since Rex's team was underground, Hera had trouble contacting them until they reached an air shaft which led to the surface. Hera piloted the Ghost aboard the Star Destroyer undetected and the Rebels were able to find Ezra and escape to hyperspace with intel on where exactly the Wookiee prisoners were. [45], In order to infiltrate the Imperial depot, Kanan and Ezra posed as Imperial personnel who pretended to have rescued Leia from the rebels. During the dogfight, Hera then fought Commander Skerris's TIE/D Defender Elite and lead both her and Skerris back to the Chimaera. Mass [16], After returning to the Phoenix fleet, the rebels discussed a new strategy to get supplies through the Imperial blockade. [73], The two rebels managed to find Kenobi after enduring an attack by Tusken Raiders and the scorching desert heat. Calrissian reluctantly agreed to assist their escape in return for the rebels giving him three of their stolen shield generators. Zaluna helped the fugitives by leading them through routes that were not being watched by surveillance cameras. She also assured her fellow rebels that their fight against the Empire was not over yet.[35]. However, after the loss of Phoenix Nest, Hera led the force back to the planet's surface. [14], While refueling the Y-wings, Hera's crew argued with the pilot Gold Two and Vander over tactics and the secrecy of their mission. After hearing of the incident, Zeb spoke of his partnership with the Imperial Security Bureau agent on Bahryn; while he seemed to believe this had marked the beginning of Kallus' conversion to the Rebellion, Hera remained cautious. Meanwhile, Hera and the rest of Phoenix Squadron returned with the rebel fleet and the evacuated civilians. [70], Later, Sabine stormed out from training after disagreeing with Kanan's methods. [58], When Hera told Ezra that his master would be proud, he shrugged that his master was never there. The rebels managed to destroy several AT-DP walkers with detonators but were forced to flee when Thrawn deployed AT-AT walkers, that were protected by deflector shields. Having completed its maiden flight, Syndulla taxied back on the runway. Clan(s) Upon reaching Luminara's cell at the lower levels of the complex, Kanan and Ezra were ambushed by the Grand Inquisitor, a Force sensitive agent of the Empire tasked with hunting down Jedi Purge survivors. Still defiant, Vidian revealed that he could still control the detonation link. This created a massive explosion which consumed the other cruisers and the TIE fighters. Ezra then returned from his encounter with the Loth-wolves in the wilderness and revealed that the Lothal Jedi Temple was in danger. [33] Her skills of deduction proved invaluable when her suspicions of Gall Trayvis allowed her to expose the man as an Imperial agent.