As a leader in fire science for more than 30 years, WPI gives fire protection engineers the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience to help make the world a safer place. Get access to the latest and greatest Fire Engineering content right in your inbox when you subscribe to our free newsletter! These courses also provide the underpinning knowledge requirements to join the BAFE SP203-1 scheme. What is fire engineering? Our programs in Fire Protection Engineering are geared toward working engineering professionals and are offered both on campus and online. Similarly, Paper 4, 5 & 6 combined will be for 2 hours having 10 questions without choice, will also carry 100 marks. ... Programme description Fire Protection Engineering Online (MS) As a leader in fire science for more than 30 years, WPI gives fire protection engineers the knowledge, skills, and hands-on … With guidance from your advisor, you will select a cluster of four thematically related courses, taught … Fire Safety Courses . The aim of this course is to ensure that students fully understand the engineering of fire when designing and constructing buildings. -- Senior Fire Engineer, Trenton Fire Ltd. Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1ET As an internationally renowned fire safety engineering consultancy, Trenton Fire have recruited a number of members of staff that are graduates of the Fire Safety Engineering course at Letterkenny Institute of Technology. This course builds on the training and educational programmes offered by the Institution of Fire Engineers and is a very hands-on course - you’ll work with the training team at Lancashire Fire and Rescue HQ in your first year, and get the chance to work with fire safety engineering companies, all with the aim of boosting your employability when you graduate. NICEIC’s Fire Alarm courses provide the information needed for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire alarm systems in domestic and non-domestic installations. Choose from our range of professionals learning courses covering all aspects of fire protection or, through the FIA Awarding Organisation, gain a specialised Level 3 qualification to fully demonstrate competency. To respond to these demands takes specialist knowledge and advanced skills in... Conservation and Protection of Specific Environments, Energy Economics, Management and Conservation, Environmental Protection and Conservation, Marine and Coastal Conservation and Protection, Tropical Rain Forests Conservation and Protection, Fire Scene Investigation MSc / PgDip / PgCert, Fire Safety Engineering with optional placement MSc, International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering MSc, Structural and Fire Safety Engineering MSc, Evidence Gathering at Fire Scenes (20 Credits) - Core, Masters Research Project (60 Credits) - Core, Managing the fire scene and report writing (20 Credits) - Core, Fire Scene Investigation Practical (20 Credits) - Core, Interpretation of Fire Scenes (20 Credits) - Core, Accidents and Catastrophes (20 Credits) - Core, Practical Fire Investigation (20 Credits) - Core, Expert Witness in the Legal Process (20 Credits) - Core, Advanced Engineering Design Project- Core, Fire Science and Fire Dynamics (6 Credits), Simulation of Fires in Enclosures (5 Credits), Explosions and Industrial Fire Safety (6 Credits), Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer (6 Credits), Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, Pre-Dissertation Project in Fire Safety Engineering. Fire and Safety course is also known by other names such as – B.Tech. You can learn programming languages, including popular ones such as Python and C Programming. A guide to durations can be found at Australian Qualifications Framework. COVID-19 update: Look out for institutions that deliver courses online first and move to on-campus delivery later. This newly developed course, will cover design using fire safety engineering principles, together with prescriptive design of several building types, and should be invaluable to both new users of the relevant fire safety codes and standards, and those that may enjoy a refresher course. Take 2 minutes to sign up to PGS student services and reap the benefits… The chance to apply for one of our 15 exclusive PGS Bursaries