Tmall VS JD: interesting facts. The platform Tmall. Tmall and Swire Properties Announce New Retail Partnership. This can be achieved without even having a local Chinese company or bank account. Previously, selling online in China required a local company entity, office, employees, and bank account. Tmall Global allows companies in, for example, Europe and America to sell products B2C to Chinese consumers. Alibaba owns the biggest domestic online platforms such as Taobao (, Tmall (, and now also Tmall Global ( Taobao: Pretty Much Anything You Can Imagine. And, as I mentioned, get paid in their currencies. These are companies with an established presence selling their products in China. View. Tmall Global was officially launched on Feb 19 2014 by Alibaba which is designed for supplying imported goods for domestic consumers. Delivery would take up to 30 days or more, whereas products in Tmall Global are guaranteed to be delivered within 14 days. Tmall Global Unveils New Initiatives to Boost China’s Imports. View. Alibaba Launches Indonesian Pavilion on Tmall Global. Tmall Global - now and in the future. … While Taobao is a Marketplace focused on consumer-to-consumer sales, Tmall Global is a sales platform for official brand stores. To request assistance from our Tmall Global business development team, please complete the application form and submit to for review In 2016 Tmall made up a little more than 55% of the sales while JD was around 25%; It is impossible to miss that if JD is a clear second, it stills hold more stakes than the rest of its competitors all together (25% vs 18% for the rest) . March 4, 2019. Currently, Tmall Global has 20,000 international brands across 77 countries and regions, more appealing and accessible to niche, small- … Tmall Global, now a leading retail cross-border e-commerce platform, has 12 national pavilions including Korea, the United States, Britain, France, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Turkey as of June 24 2015. TYPES OF PRODUCTS. Over 70,000 brands, both local and global, sell through Tmall. Tmall vs Taobao Although they are part of the same family and both are platforms specialized in online commerce and sales, there are … Tmall is the largest business-to-consumer (B2C) retail platform in Asia, and most visited B2C online platform in China. View. November 2, 2018. Tmall: Registered businesses with a minimum 3-year business presence in Mainland China. Tmall is an open platform with a self-service onboarding system and generally does not involve itself with store establishment. While Taobao is operated on a customer-to-customer (C2C) base. Previously, buyers had to know some English and have a credit card with access to foreign currency to purchase from overseas. Tmall Global greatly simplifies the process for Chinese to purchase goods from overseas. Both are owned by the same parent company Alibaba, but: Taobao - is more like Ebay - Originally setup up for consumer 2 consumer ecommerce (C2C) where anybody can set up shop and sell things, but some businesses are setup on it as well. November 5, 2018. Tmall Targets 1,000 Shops with Leading Cosmetics Brands in 2019. 天猫,中国线上购物的地标网站,亚洲超大的综合性购物平台,拥有10万多品牌商家。每日发布大量国内外商品!正品网购,上天猫!天猫千万大牌正品,品类全,一站购,支付安全,退换无忧!理想生活上天猫!